The Sacraments of the Church

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The Church uses the seven historic Sacraments as markers of the Faith of the Church and of God’s Love for each and every person.

  • We recognise the one Baptism of all believers, be it administered as children or in adulthood.
  • We will Confirm people who wish to have their belief in Christ sealed with the Holy Spirit.
  • We will celebrate the Eucharist openly, and all who share a Catholic belief are welcome to communicate at the Altar of the Lord.
  • We recognise that people have a need to have their sins forgiven, the Lord himself entrusted this to His Apostles, and they to the Bishops and Priests following them. By the Sacrament of Penance, full communal life is restored to the penitent.
  • The Anointing of the Sick is a venerable practice whereby God shows His Love to each person especially in a particular time of trouble.
  • The Church ordains men and women to the  Holy Orders of Deacon, Priest, and Bishop enabling them to live their lives proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the world, and building up God’s people.
  • The Church will bring together couples, both heterosexual and homosexual, in the Sacrament of Marriage, who wish to express their intention to live together in love and harmony for the rest of their natural lives. Recognising that for some this has not been possible, remarriage by divorcees is not prohibited by our Church.

All the Sacraments of the Church are open to men and women, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, political opinion, or other status.

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