The Lord himself said to bring the little children to Him, we welcome all children and all adults to fellowship in our Church. Anyone who wishes to be baptised or to have their child baptised will find a welcome from our clergy. In the case of adults who come seeking to be baptised, we will normally guide them through a traditional Catholic catechism leading to baptism and confirmation at the Easter vigil. Where pastoral circumstances suggest otherwise, our clergy may be able to baptise and confirm at other times of year.


We will give all support to any couple wishing to be married within the Church but the civil legal marriage ceremony will have to take place in a Register Office, after which any of our priests will be delighted to celebrate a Nuptial Mass which will of course include the religious exchange of vows and the nuptial blessing. Please contact any of the clergy for assistance.


Funerals can be a very intense and emotional time for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We have a duty as priests to provide care for the bereaved as much as we do to provide care for the deceased. All of our priests do this willingly and without reservation. For many years it has been the right of any Catholic to specify the form of their Funeral ceremonies: whether they wish to Funeral Rites be carried out according to the Tridentine Rite or the post-Vatican II Rite is entirely up to them, and our priests will always respect that request. Where  a Tridentine Rite funeral has been requested, if an individual priest is unfamiliar with that rite, then at least one other priest is available to be called on to celebrate with the parish priest fully participating in the service.


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