We take the matter of Safeguarding very seriously. Our safeguarding policy is modelled on the “Yellow Card” from The Scout Association.

Our Bishops, Priests, and Deacons may come into regular contact with vulnerable people, both children and adults. All our Clergy are required to hold a current DBS Check (formerly CRB Disclosure). As we are at the moment only a few, we accept a current DBS Check from another organisation. As we grow in number, we will make arrangements to obtain the DBS Checks or other similar checks, through a suitable umbrella organisation(s).

Any safeguarding issues that may arise are dealt with swiftly and with appropriate action being taken, which means referral to the local Police and/or Social Services. We do not attempt to investigate anything internally prior to a referral being made.

We do not “sweep anything under the carpet” to avoid so-called scandal, neither do we say “it is your word against God’s”. The safeguarding of all is taken most seriously.

For further information about the Church’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures please contact any member of the Clergy.

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