Our Organisation

At the basis of our Church are our individual Parishes. Each group of Parishes in a particular geographical area comes under the pastoral care of a Diocesan Bishop.

At the moment the Church has one Archdiocese and two Dioceses:

  • Archdiocese of Anglia and Cambria
    covering the whole of England and Wales together with the Overseas Territories of the United Kingdom and under the pastoral care of the Presiding Archbishop of the National Catholic Church, the Most Reverend Peter Davies.
  • Diocese of Hibernia and the Isles
    covering the island of Ireland and the Hebridean islands, and under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Hibernia and the Isles.
  • Diocese of Scotia
    covering the mainland of Scotland, Orkney and Shetland. The Diocese is under the pastoral care pro tempore of the Apostolic Administrator, Archbishop Peter

We pray that as our Church grows in numbers we will be blessed with more Priests and will be able to elect more Bishops to share the burden.

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