NCC Dublin – St Laurence’s

HiberniaTheIslesJCCDecree of Canonical Erection of a Parish in order to provide Pastoral Care for the faithful within the City of Dublin

We hereby erect a Parish of the National Catholic Church of the United Kingdom and Ireland for the pastoral care of the faithful within the City of Dublin, within our Diocese of Hibernia & The Isles.

The Parish is dedicated to Our Lady Queen of Ireland, St Laurence O’Toole, and St John XXIII.

Liturgical celebrations shall take place wheresoever the Parish Priest so chooses within the City.

We hereby place the Parish under our especial care and protection and appoint ourself as parish priest.

The community of Christian faithful consists of those who wish to worship, be that by assisting at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, or who avail themselves of the Sacraments of the Church in the National Catholic Parish named above.

We assume that the Christian faithful who participate in this community within the Diocese of Hibernia & The Isles will support the liturgical and pastoral life of the parish.

This decree takes effect from its promulgation.

Given at Dublin,
Feast of the Holy and Undivided Trinity,
22 May 2016.

✠ M. John P. B. Carchrie Campbell
Bishop of Hibernia & The Isles