Who we are

Welcome to the the website of the National Catholic Church of the United Kingdom and Ireland (NCC).

When people speak of Catholics today, they often mean Roman Catholics, however there are many other types of Catholics. There are Catholics associated with cultural groups like Byzantine Catholics or Polish National Catholics, while others like the Old Catholics span all cultures. Some groups are in union with Rome, others have their own bishops, in the tradition of the Eastern Orthodox Church. There have been many such independently governed churches for well over two centuries.

The NCC is a Catholic community outside the institutional church, dedicated to taking the message of a God of Love sitting on a throne of Grace to the whole world. Guided by our Archbishop (who along with all our clergy has been validly ordained with apostolic succession), we celebrate the sacraments of the church just as other Catholics do.

Where we differ is that we do not exclude people from the sacraments. We recognise and embrace the diversity that is found in the world today. The diversity that has always been there: but often rejected by the institutional church.

We reach beyond the dogmatic statements coming from Rome in the last two centuries, and are a contemporary expression of a more ancient faith, one where differing traditions are valid, one where unity is celebrated rather than uniformity.

We are guided by the Holy Spirit as a community embracing a broader faith where all are welcomed and affirmed. We understand the importance of support and loving each other, whilst challenging ourselves to embrace the call of Jesus Christ found in the Gospels.

We offer the message that God is a God of love, sitting on a throne of grace; His love and grace are there for all who wish to receive it.

We are happy that you have found our website and welcome you as you learn more of our ministry and role in the church of Christ. We hope you will explore the ways you can play a part in this important ministry, so that you can learn how liberated your own soul can be.

‡Peter, Presiding Archbishop

1 thought on “Who we are”

  1. In Coronary care a couple of years back, on a Sunday morning, the lovely, enthusiastic young Chaplin stuck his head around the partition, with Chalice in hand, asking … “Are you for Communion?” He hesitated a moment when i replied … “I’m not sure Father!” He apologised then, asking … “are you RC?” … to which I relied … “I am Father, I’m a Recovering Catholic!” He was visibly wrong-footed and I apologised for my flippant remark saying … “I’m sorry Father. Perhaps I should have given you the soldier’s answer?” (Don’t ask me where that came from in that moment) but the young man was doubly embarrassed, asking me apprehensively … “What’s the soldier’s answer?” to which I replied … “I’m not worthy to receive you under my roof … say but the word and I shall be healed!” He didn’t, poor lad, as he rushed off to perhaps, a less challenged old soldier.

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